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  • pillow mist emission


    Fog remover pads are made up from knitted materials with unequal loops of tangled metal or plastic wires with diameters as a typical 0.1 - 0.3mm. Through careful selection of ...

    Jul 24 , 6 years ago
  • cylindrical lenses


    JilinTianhua opto-electrical Technology Co., Ltd. for the development, production and sale of micro-optical elements. Our company is located in Changchun City, Jilin Province,...

    Jul 19 , 6 years ago
  • walnuts 12, 14, 18


    Cultivation type: Membership Type of treatment: raw Packaging: box Certificate: Yes Brand Name:

    Jul 04 , 6 years ago
  • free air carbon 3d film type


    Use: the body stickers Material: PVC Size: 1.52 * 30M Brand Name: Xue LANG GU

    Jun 28 , 6 years ago
  • laterite al2o3


    We offer to supply laterite ore with AL2O3 45% ***** we will supply 10 000 to 15 000 ***** also export

    May 29 , 6 years ago
  • gears spokesman loading capacity heavy gear spokesman


    It has become a shelf in the cases, engaged in the manufacture of flight cases and handheld calibrators for more than 14 years, a leading manufacturer in China. Cases of escap...

    May 25 , 6 years ago
  • support channels


    MÜPRO - a concept of progress and quality with more than 40 years of experience in this sector and the presence in the market, MÜPRO is one of the leading suppliers in the s...

    May 22 , 6 years ago
  • slippers and described


    Brand Name: slippers and described

    May 15 , 6 years ago
  • km into the matter with the chairman of the pan


    Brand Name: HNC

    May 14 , 6 years ago
  • polymer concrete drainage channel


    Polymer concrete channel is a new building material made from resin, sand and minerals and are in accordance with EN1433 standard.They its high resistance against compression,...

    May 12 , 6 years ago
  • p7.62 screen led


    LED 1 Procduct name PR-IPH7.62 full color internal display pixel pitch 2 7.62mm 3 pixel density / m²: 17222 dots/m2 pixel configuration 4: 1R1G1B-3 in 1 5 Unit Size 244 mm * ...

    May 09 , 6 years ago
  • barium sulfate 0.50um amendment htm-b with 99 purity


    Other Names: Barium sulfate MF: BASO4 Use: ink dyes, pigments and coatings, plastics, rubber, dyes, pigments, ceramics Brand Name: Hoten Type: Barium sulfate powder Pattern: i...

    May 09 , 6 years ago
  • luxurius spa and slimming capsule


    Feature: bleaching, skin tightening, and promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism and loss of weight and toxins Operating system: bubble bath, Vicky shower, infrared Cert...

    May 02 , 6 years ago
  • shuttle stress


    Brand Name: HUADE

    Apr 27 , 6 years ago
  • 100 silk charmeuse


    Supply and type: make to order Type: Fabric Charmeuse Showing: 43/44 " Technics: weave Usage: Furniture, Sleepwear, boild home textiles, wedding, Otabaah off to dress, clothes...

    Apr 24 , 6 years ago
  • nestle nido milk powder


    Type: fortified milk powder Age: Old, adults, elderly, children Type of treatment: sterile Packaging: can (canned) Certificate: ISO Shelf life: 1 year Brand Name: Nestle

    Apr 19 , 6 years ago
  • 300 ml air magic air freshener


    Use air freshener: Home Form: Spray Feature: inventory, environmentally friendly Brand Name: Air Magic Air Freshener 300 ml

    Apr 13 , 6 years ago
  • rags cotton jersey


    Type: Cotton Color: White Product Description Materials supply 100% cotton jersey type of fabric to make the type is the type of yarn Carded Display pattern of white and ...

    Apr 11 , 6 years ago
  • ironing machine


    Brand Name: Taifeng

    Apr 11 , 6 years ago
  • buttwelded 90 elbow


    High pipe fitting quality accessories Baghdad security plan, including: the Baghdad security plan elbow, Tee Baghdad security plan, the Baghdad Security Plan Cross; return the...

    Apr 09 , 6 years ago
  • wj357layers corrugated paperboard production line


    Type of paper: Paper corrugated Use: a paper filter Plating: plated Compatible printing: offset printing Feature: Fire-Proof Pulp material: jute pulp The pattern of the pulp: ...

    Mar 29 , 6 years ago
  • paperboard, kraft paper tape


    Product Description Kraft paperboard and paper tape is the case for closing boxes with minimal exposure to stress, handling, shipping and loading. Aggressive adhesive that bec...

    Mar 29 , 6 years ago
  • hamann ferrari f430


    Extreme inquiries, Ltd. is specialized in the export of cars and rare supercars at once, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Ro...

    Mar 29 , 6 years ago
  • single blow paperboard production line


    1, this line consists of 3 machines and a single, shaftless mill roll stand, smack one and cut a cross. 2, with kraft paper in roll and sheet raw potato or corn starch and adh...

    Mar 28 , 6 years ago
  • mango pulp, guava pulp and pulp orange, lemon concentrate


    We supply mango pulp, guava pulp 3.1kg X 6cans package, bag sterile 215kg drums, packaging, aseptic bag 225kg drums pack, orange pulp aseptic bag 50KG drums pack sulfur brixe ...

    Mar 27 , 6 years ago
  • wi-fi reader


    Bisa technology Wi-Fi reader and provides wireless access, which can be used in a variety of office environments, through a wireless broadcast Wi-Fi, and meet the application ...

    Mar 24 , 6 years ago
  • monkey vinyl


    Vinyl siding offers a combination of features that is unsurpassed. Captivating beauty of curb appeal. Durability for lasting value and at the lowest cost of installation to st...

    Mar 21 , 6 years ago
  • polypropylene film capacitors


    Capacitor and polypropylene capacitor and electrolytic capacitor Metallized polypropylene capacitor type electrical box. And medium-sized membrane polypropylene, metal evapo...

    Mar 20 , 6 years ago
  • mica powder flake


    PROPERTIES - Financial stability, insulation, and heat resistant to alkalis. Use - Fill in the luxury loose paint and dope. - Raw materials for the production of ceramic mica...

    Mar 19 , 6 years ago
  • one wall paperboard production line


    This line consists of 3 machines one, including shaftless mill roll stand, smack one and cut a cross. With kraft paper in roll and sheet raw potato or corn starch and adhesive...

    Mar 16 , 6 years ago
  • brass telescope


    BR48540 Decorative brass telescope W / Stand Nautical, marine, gift, withdrawal Nautical telescope functional Made of solid brass in a shiny finish Device made of wood ...

    Mar 16 , 6 years ago
  • supermarket shelf flat back panel


    Brand Name: KORSHUN

    Mar 14 , 6 years ago
  • cefotaxime sodium


    A Ù CSPC is a manufacturing base for the preparation of the main antibiotics in China. Who specialized in research and development cephalosporins, produciton and marketing of...

    Mar 08 , 6 years ago
  • 2.4g28dbi apartment antenna_2.4g antenna_suntor


    Electrical Specifications Model ST2400P-18 MHz frequency range 2400 2483MHz dB gain 18dBi VSWR ≤ 1.8 Horizontal Beamwidth-° 20 degree Vertical Beamwidth-° 20 ° F / B-DB r...

    Mar 07 , 6 years ago
  • corrugated paperboard production line


    Layer 7, and five and three of the production line corrugated cardboard works continuous, fit for a big boost and provided high quality equipment paperboard.the corrugated use...

    Mar 02 , 6 years ago
  • backpack gl-5254


    We CALAXYTRADE (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd as the supplier of China, maily specialize in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of bags and toys. We also offer products to a large amo...

    Feb 27 , 7 years ago
  • knife blade


    Used on a large scale this series of products in the auto glass replacement business related. We use the materials for the steel to meet the requirements of the highest qualit...

    Feb 24 , 7 years ago
  • hot sale circle vibrating screen


    Brand Name: Zhongcheng Type: Circular Application: Raw Condition: New

    Feb 14 , 7 years ago
  • pvc pipe line extrution


    Template, templates kind of spiral of quality high internal heat exchange unit and the effects of throwing more convenient. Precise set of bronze, tin or a calibration phospho...

    Feb 04 , 7 years ago
  • print magazine


    Is based on the print key International Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, China. It is a leader in the full range of printing, packaging and design services. After more than 10 years of ...

    Feb 03 , 7 years ago
  • shields kicked


    Brand Name: Private label Materials: artificial skin strong quality

    Feb 01 , 7 years ago
  • candy chinese pulp bloom


    Product information: product name pulp Bloom Chinese in this area in China candy white color reaction of origin 1. 2 Improving digestive function. Detoxification to keep the s...

    Dec 31 , 7 years ago
  • green silicon carbide


    Green silicon carbide is with coke and silica and the quality of key raw materials, add salt and additives, and through the stainless oven. Hardness between the rubies and dia...

    Dec 31 , 7 years ago
  • christian louboutin heels


    We offer Christian Louboutin heels, high heels, in the wake of fashion with manufacturer.quality accessories.professional guarantee.accept return.Delivery inherent in 24 hours...

    Dec 19 , 7 years ago
  • Juicer


    juice extractor process is simple, easy to clean

    Dec 07 , 7 years ago
  • Aerosol cans


    aluminum bottle, aluminum can All the products are trademarks and logos on the page are for reference only and not for sale. MOQ: 30,000 pcs / item.

    Dec 03 , 7 years ago
  • Wi-Fi antenna panel


    Application: 2.4G antenna transmission. Attribute: in the suppression of side lobe, and fill the next zero, and tilt adjustable, strap radome completely closed, and ensure sta...

    Dec 03 , 7 years ago
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