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opens the plate

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Will drive the time panel that comes out of the steel plant is a winding, after what is called the steel plate through the instrument panel Kaiping "Open Panel", open the panel at a time when welding with deformation welding very large, very difficult to adjust. And therefore can not use the panel to request a part the appearance of high quality. Working plate steel plate joint to be cheap, and opens a store in the thickness of 12mm-3, and the quality of the materials evenly Q235 and Q345, in the main application of right and wrong and a ship carrying a water reservoir. Opens Panel feature: one. May be a small price advantage and the length decide freely, and two. Transportation convenience, does not use based on the volume of steel panel for consideration, and three. Treated very tasty and convenient, it is permissible according to the heart of the actual need treats the size of a delicious dish, four. The material may effectively sparingly. For example, some storage tanks needs to be 6800 × 1500 × 6 20 steel plate, steel plate and the size of the market is 6000, 8000.9000 lengths generally, if the steel plate used in the market, and will be scrap production of surplus stock. Is used to plate, sheet steel may be used directly 6900, and provides materials, and this is also the biggest advantage. Materials specifically for stainless steel, and provides at the expense of reducing the impact of material is very clear

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opens the plate
opens the plate


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