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  • moisture absorption and sweat releasing agent


    [Features] (1) after treatment by JR-E, and polyester fabrics such as Dacron will have some characteristics such as for baffeta, for example, absorb moisture and release sweat...

    Jul 24 , 6 years ago
  • enrofloxacin injection of 2.5 and 10 and 20


    Description of Enrofloxacin is used to treat infections in animals caused by. Enrofloxacin belongs to the generic class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones. Other relevan...

    Jul 18 , 6 years ago
  • decanter, jar, boilers


    Product Type: Jug Technology: Blown Pattern: daily Usage: holiday, wedding, party, daily, hotel, restaurant Topic: drink, pitcher, decanter Regional Roundup: China Brand Name:...

    Jul 13 , 6 years ago
  • refractories and castables


    Brand Name: Bajrang

    Jul 13 , 6 years ago
  • wearing sk


    Material: 100% Cotton Quantity available: 500000 Available sizes: XXL, S, L, XL, M Fabric weight: 180 grams Technology: the printed Gender: Men Collar: the demands of customer...

    Jun 21 , 6 years ago
  • hign quality sofa


    Materials: fabric Style: corner sofa Regional style: Chinese style Appearance: the modern Blow: No Type: group Brand Name: cattleya Sofa

    Jun 01 , 6 years ago
  • dr pepper


    Dr Pepper we have Dr Pepper available in sizes after; cans 24x330ml - 120 cases per bottle pallet 24x500ml - 60 cases per bottle 6x2ltr pallet - 80 cases per pallet minimum or...

    May 24 , 6 years ago
  • osi-906


    OSI-906 is a strong, selective orally active inhibitor of the insulin-like growth factor receptor -1 (IGF-1R). OSI-906 showed strong anti-tumor activity in the form of IGF-1R ...

    May 23 , 6 years ago
  • electro-optic rotary joint


    ADSR-H24 fiber optic rotary joint hybrid, also called photovoltaic rotor slip of a common definition or high loop. It combines the electrical slip ring 24circuits with a joint...

    May 22 , 6 years ago
  • r3 flight simulator geebee


    Type: plane Energy: Electric Material: Wooden Size: It can be according to customers \ 'requirement Radio Control Style: RC model Brand Name: Sunshine Group (South East)

    May 19 , 6 years ago
  • one double-cylinder carding machine doffer


    China FST nonwoven machine quilting and specialized in the manufacture of machine quilting, machine nonwoven machine and the mattress. The following: a single needle and multi...

    May 12 , 6 years ago
  • handle long arm


    Brand Name: D - Mark

    May 10 , 6 years ago
  • lw490aa aba


    Products Status: Stock Application: Desktop Screen size: 21 Response time: 5ms Type of interface: DisplayPort and DVI port and VGA (HD-1, DVI Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 Resolution...

    May 07 , 6 years ago
  • blowing the guard house


    Type: Inflatable repellent Material: Nylon

    May 05 , 6 years ago
  • 19v 400ah lifepo battery pack


    Nominal voltage: 19V Capacity: 400Ah Dimensions: 750 X 390 X 330mm Weight: laminated assembled by the greater ability of the cell LiFePO4 (3.2V/100Ah) customized specificatio...

    Apr 25 , 6 years ago
  • demista - heated mirror demister pad - 274mm x 150mm - mirror defogger


    In 7005 demista DEMISTER mirror pad is 274mm x 150mm and ensures that the mirror remains crystal clear even in the most steamy bathroom. 230V simple to fit with maintenance fr...

    Apr 17 , 6 years ago
  • a new wave of limited edition


    Product Features: Italy's AC motor 2000 watts anti-wrap design of the fan and Ionic Nano Titanium? Shot and Technology 6 heat / speed settings Cold stainless steel mesh filter...

    Apr 13 , 6 years ago
  • 3-fluorobenzoic acid


    Other Names: Fluorobenzoicacidwhitepowder; M-Fluorobenzoic acid, chloro acid 2-4-fluorobenzoic; RARECHEM AL BO 00 MF: C7H5FO2 Type: Agrochemical Intermediates, Pharmaceutical ...

    Apr 07 , 6 years ago
  • suspension strut


    Strut suspension 16 "powder + 1.8mm caped hanger Love 18" 1.8mm + powder shirt hanger 16 "1.8mm + powder hange strut 16" 2.1mm suit powder + hanger hanger 500pcs.ctn 1.shirt d...

    Apr 06 , 6 years ago
  • gaharu buaya oud from kalimantan


    Type: Gaharu Buaya | Oud (Kalimantan) Grade: 1 ° and 2 ° Brand Name: Gaharu Buaya | Oud

    Apr 02 , 6 years ago
  • seamless steel tubes for boilers


    The company was founded in 1992 is one of the high-tech companies the main national and on top of a hundred private enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Even now has three factori...

    Apr 02 , 6 years ago
  • 10g xfp module zirconium


    XFP-10GB-ZR 10GB / s 1550nm 80KM features a transmitter and receiver optical XFP compliant with RoHS compliant IEEE802.3ae XFP MSA-compliant XFP footprint hot pluggable laser ...

    Mar 27 , 7 years ago
  • labelling raids respectively


    Labellers raids in a row 2253, the owner raid labels named Tex undulating 22x12mm, cards, self adhesive, Tex labels numbering, respectively punctuation Tex, and Rolls-Tex labe...

    Mar 24 , 7 years ago
  • 1-diethylamino-2-propyne dep 98


    DEP (Diethylamino-2-propyne) CAS No. 4079-68-9 Molecular Weight 111.19 Molecular formula C7H13N the appearance of a clear colorless liquid testing or yellow (%) ≥ 98 Density...

    Mar 24 , 7 years ago
  • boilers


    Item No.: VJ701 Description: Wireless pitchers Price: USD4.45FOB Ningbo Approval: VDE Plug Specifications: 1. 220-240V AC 50-60HZ 1850-2200W 2. Capacity: 1.7liter 3. Stainless...

    Mar 21 , 7 years ago
  • pet bowl, pet feeder, dog bowl,


    Pet bowl, dog bowl, cat bowl, pet supply products, a bowl of plastic pets, pet products, ************************************************** *************************** Materia...

    Mar 19 , 7 years ago
  • us-led cup downlight 9w dimmable


    Brand Name: astral Material: Aluminum Color: White Voltage: other Light source: LED Shape: Round

    Mar 19 , 7 years ago
  • buckthorn bark extract purshianus


    Cascara sagrada (Nabq Purshiana, USP) is the dried bark of the buckthorn purshianus, DC. (***** Rhamneae), a shrub growing in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. Coll...

    Mar 16 , 7 years ago
  • functional silicone keyboard cover to cover for the keyboard to get a macbook pro


    Products Status: Stock Brand Name: ZT

    Mar 10 , 7 years ago
  • san juan, puerto rico


    China, Hong Kong International Aqua Show Corp., Ltd. and Nanjing, China Environment YICITY limited technical and called for a brief period YICITY International Aqua Show. The ...

    Mar 09 , 7 years ago
  • drive screw


    Founded Wealthpower Technology (Hong Kong) Limited inMay 2006, and owns two factories (Dongguan Wealthpower Technology Precision Co., Ltd. Dongguan Longwin HardwareManufacturi...

    Mar 08 , 7 years ago
  • 3902 soap dish and holder of one


    Type: 3902 and one soap dish holder Brand Name: 3900 series Surface finishing: stainless steel

    Mar 07 , 7 years ago
  • tuna loins yellow


    Brand Name: East

    Mar 07 , 7 years ago
  • bulk solid coal


    Our company is a leading supplier of coal is a solid waste remaining when wood is "charred" or "pyrolyze" under controlled conditions in an enclosed space such as charcoal ove...

    Mar 07 , 7 years ago
  • toothbrush rechargeable


    Age group: Adult Use: Home Type bristles: soft Brand Name: Baining

    Mar 01 , 7 years ago
  • two pieces ball valve


    Brand Name: Ropo Article: SS

    Feb 29 , 7 years ago
  • 7 "car gps navigation wince 6.0 128m ddr 4 gb flash fm


    Type: GPS Navigator Use: Hand held Screen size: 7 inches Function: touch screen, radio tuner MP3 / MP4,, that support Bluetooth, Photo Viewer Brand Name: Victory

    Feb 27 , 7 years ago
  • hyundai tucson window lift motor


    Brand Name: B & B Type: DC motor Use: the window Car: Brush Voltage: 12V Certificate: ISO9001

    Feb 27 , 7 years ago
  • 670 2700mh ali china coupler direction


    Directional Coupler (670-2700MHz) technical specifications coupling (dB): 6 ± 0.8 670-2700 insertion loss (dB): 1,7 0.8 0.3 0.4 (0.3) 0.35 (0.3 ) ≥ 20 ≤ force 1.25:1 ~ +1...

    Feb 24 , 7 years ago
  • fiberglass pole tents rod


    Name: FRP pole tents, tent poles they get, pole tents, tent poles, fiberglass rod, fiberglass rods, fiberglass pole, fiberglass poles Name: FRP pole tents, tent poles they get...

    Feb 24 , 7 years ago
  • electric boilers bk17-001f yellow


    Electric Boilers (BK17-001F yellow) Product Description boiler water 360 Max rotation. 1.7-liter capacity of a wireless, for ease of use Overheat protection Indicator light In...

    Feb 23 , 7 years ago
  • 99 neopentyl glycol


    99% neopentyl glycol minutes of unsaturated polyester resins 1, CAS :126-30-7; glycol neopentyl 99%, 2, 2-Dimethylpropan-1, 3 - diol, 2, 2-dimethylpropane-1, 3 - diol; 2, and ...

    Feb 23 , 7 years ago
  • amines mea, cordial, tea


    0 false false false Standard EN-US X-NONE AR-SA MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 / * Style Definitions * / table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name: "Table Normal"; Association of ...

    Feb 20 , 7 years ago
  • excellent efficiency of saddles intalox equivalent imtp


    Intalox saddles and metal combines the advantages of both the packaging and packaging circular saddle, and a comprehensive performance Description And Intalox saddles metal ...

    Feb 18 , 7 years ago
  • electric boilers bk12-001f green


    Electric Boilers (BK17-002F) water boilers 360 Product Description Max rotation. 1.7-liter capacity of a wireless, for ease of use Overheat protection Indicater light of the i...

    Feb 18 , 7 years ago
  • en 10028-2 p295gh p355gh steel for boilers and pressure vessels


    Sale: EN 10028-2 P355GH, P295GH, P 265 N, P GH 355 steel for boilers and pressure vessels ***** Steel grade: EN 10028-3: P 275 N, P 275 NH, P275 NL1, P 275 NL2 r 355 N, P 35...

    Feb 18 , 7 years ago
  • edta di sodium


    1. Labels: Di Sodium EDTA. : Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid sodium salt de. : Sodium di (ethylene de Nitrilo) Tetraacetate. 2. CAS NO. : 139-33-3 (Anhy.): 6381-92-6 (dihyd...

    Feb 09 , 7 years ago
  • m45 clip series mattress


    Specifications M45 series of snapshots within the model elevation view Crown CL-13 4.8mm 10.7mm 11mm CL-15 4.8mm 10.0mm 11mm CL-17 4.8mm 13.2mm material CL-19 14.0mm 11mm 11mm...

    Feb 08 , 7 years ago
  • 5/16\'\' cultured marble


    Through years of efforts, we are ranked in the top ten hard surface provider in China. Our products are exported to the United States and the United Kingdom and South Africa a...

    Feb 08 , 7 years ago
  • long nose pliers


    Detailed Product Description Long nose pliers. Quick-release lock button for quick access. Chrome vanadium steel pliers Long nose: Sales HOT! Features:. Quick release lock but...

    Feb 06 , 7 years ago
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